Café Femenino

Thousands of women with one powerful idea: Women farmers deserve credit for their crucial role in the coffee industry.

Co-founded in 2004 by Peruvian women farmers alongside Organic Products Trading Co., Café Femenino now spans the globe and continues to grow as more and more women join the Café Femenino movement. 


Café Femenino coffee around the globe.

1 . Bolivia   2.  Brazil   3 . Colombia   4 . Guatemala   5 . Mexico   6 . Nicaragua   7 . Peru   8 . Rwanda   9 . Sumatra

1. Bolivia  2. Brazil  3. Colombia  4. Guatemala  5. Mexico  6. Nicaragua  7. Peru  8. Rwanda  9. Sumatra


Established alongside the Café Femenino program, the Café Femenino Foundation is an independent nonprofit that provides grants to select projects requested by Café Femenino’s women farmers to enhance the lives of their families and communities. In addition to generous consumer donations that help fund these projects, participating coffee roasters are required to donate a percentage of their coffee purchase to the Café Femenino Foundation.

Cesmach co-op, Mexico

Cesmach co-op, Mexico